Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What you think about, You bring about!

How many people do you know .. or you may be one yourself that constantly think of going on a diet.. a weight loss diet.
Just thinking about it brings on all sorts of negitive feelings, deprivation, failure, lack of enjoyment, restrictions, constantly thinking about what you will have next, am I doing it right?.. it just goes on and on. And what ends up happening..you have to do it all again because it just didn't last!
Now, if you tell yourself that you are going to Be 'Happy & Healthy'.. how does that make you feel. I don't know about you, but it makes me feel great. Enthusiastic, motivated, excited, happy, long lasting.. And the truth is, if you eat healthy and do some type of movement.. lets call it exercise! the result will be that you will be 'Happy & Healthy' and your weight will go to where it is supposed to be. And because it is a life time change for the better it will last forever and you will never have to think about the 'D' word again.
So write a list with all your favourite healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and that's the exciting food you are now going to live on.. sounds like healthy fun to me. Tomorrow I will put up some of my favourite healthy meals that make me excited about eating healthy. Enjoy! :)

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