Saturday, October 24, 2009

More cakes.. more bliss time.. :)

Chocolate Banana & Berry layered Torte

I just love it when there is an excuse to make another gourmet raw cake! The girls are staying in a beautiful appartment right on the beach for Sami-Jo's 21st celebrations and Guess What?  They all love raw food creations.. how good is that! I am having a wonderful time making up stuff for them that they really seem to be enjoying. Wow, even the boys seemed to really like the torte last night. How good is that. We all made sure though that they didn't know what sort of torte it was.. :)

The bottom is a thick cakey crust of walnut, dates and cacao nibs with a hint of vanilla, then a creamy banana cashew layer, followed by blueberries covered with a thick layer of rich chocolate avocado mousse finishing with a Cashew cream top.

For afternoon snack I had made up some raw sushi and in the rush forgot to take a photo of it. It came out wonderful and the girls devoured it. Along with some little Vanilla Fig cupcakes with Creamy Apricot frosting they where all kept well nourished. Pre dinner consisted of Kitz Crackers with Guacomole and fresh sliced tomato.

Vanilla Fig Cupcakes with Creamy Apricot Frosting

It was a fun night. Here is a pic of the girls in the late afternoon before they glitzed up for dinner..

Happy 21st my love!

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  1. How good it must feel to have this gratitude for your work hon. What a beautiful cake. nom nom nom. xx