Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Current fav - Orange Goji Berry smoothies..

Not only do oranges taste amazing but they are also cheap at the moment. With the amount of I have to peel each morning i'm also loving that they don't have seeds. Navels are my freind. Because everyone should know.. Orange seeds are the natural enemy of a food smoothy!!

I have I told you about Goji berries!! whoa, they are a powerhouse of nutrition!! They have 500 times more vitamin c than oranges and they are a rich source of caratanoids. They contain 19 types of amino acids which include all 8 essential amino acids plus 21 trace minerals. 11mg of iron per 100g plus an array of phytochemicals. Some say they are one of the most nutritonally dense foods around. Plus they taste awesome!!

All you need is about 7 oranges - peeled
Small hanful of goji berries
Ice or water - about 1/2 cup

Blend until smooth and creamy!! devour.

This serves about 2-4 depending on size of oranges and glasses!!

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