Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raw Abbs.. on a high fruit .. low protein diet!

I only say that because I always believed that you had to eat more protein with less carbs to keep lean. Well I have proved this year that that is not the case. I eat a lot of carbs in the form of fruit. Heaps actually! and I have really cut back on my protein. I used to eat at least 80-90g per day, at one stage up to 120g. This made me very lean I will admit.
I then went off it for a while as I was really looking gaunt and ill. At the same time without knowing until I had a higher protein day that when I was waking in the night I would get fairly severe back pain in the mid-lower back whilst becoming upright.. it felt like pain in my kidneys. This came back after the higher protein day. To me it was saying that my kidneys do not cope with the higher amounts. I am finding moderate to low protein is working great for me and I have filled out a bit, my skin is not so crepe.
But I still believe that protein is very essential to good health. It is what our bodies need build, repair, and maintain body cells and tissues like your skin, muscles, organs, blood, and even bones.It also forms enzymes and hormones that enable your body to function normally. Enzymes enable chemical reactions to take place in your body. Hormones signal the appropriate enzymes to start working on what the body needs.
Proteins as antibodies protect you from disease-carrying bacteria and viruses.
Proteins help regulate the quantity of fluids in the compartments of the body to maintain your fluid balance. Protein also controls the composition of the body fluids.
Proteins control your body’s acid-base balance. Normal processes of the body continually produce acids and their opposite, bases, which must be carried by the blood to the excretion organs. The blood must do this without allowing its own acid-base balance to be affected. The proteins in your blood accomplish this task.
Only protein can perform all the functions described above.
I now get most of my protein from greens, vegetables and fruits.. My daily protein intake is now about 40-50g and is working well.

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