Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 9-10 Finals day - Mind Body & Spirit

Day 9

Thursday mornings breakfast was
Banana & Pear puree with Choci-Jo, goji berries, cacao nibs & cashews

With the usual for morning tea

Kitz Crackers with Guacamole

Which is simply

Salt & pepper to taste
Cajun spices
Italian herbs
Fresh parsley & coriander

Dice onion, avocado & tomato and add flavourings of your choice then mix to combine or blend for a smooth guacamole.

A good afternoon just going with it and it doesn't seem to be too hard but I think he is looking forward to some cooked food. Afternoon tea has turned into raw cake with a green tea or dandelion tea which is a bit of a favourite right now. Dinner was a cauli couscous and blended salad. Some medjool dates after dinner snack while watching TV.. rugby finals coming up so Footy show tonight definitely.. :)

Day 10

Another breaky of

Blended pear and pineapple with Simply Granola.

after a good swim and run at the beach. It all seems to be going well again today although it is becoming obvious that he is over it now and ready for some cooked food. He had the usual crackers and guacamole for morning tea, left over dinner for lunch and the cakes and fruit in between.

Today is the last day and it was decided when he started that he would end it tonight as we have family arriving and it has been organised that we will be having dinner together.. mmm Pizza!!! can you believe it.. breaking 10days raw with cooked Pizza. So for dinner he had 1/3 of a light beer.. Yes!.. and about 3 pieces of pizza, some seafood and a gourmet vegetarian. They where fairly good pizzas .. as far as cooked pizza goes anyway. Good quality home cooked type pizzas that have been given the heart foundation tick.. mmm that's debatable too.. but worth mentioning I thought.. :)

I think he has done really well and there has defiantly been a lot of good come out of the whole experience.

Positives have been:
  • Cloud lifted - much happier and approachable
  • Motivated - getting a lot done on so many levels. Business and personal.
  • Empathy for others who have to restrict their eating for weight and health issues
  • More relaxed with life
  • Clarity - can see more clearly what he really wants to do on many levels
  • Realisation that what he has and what he thought to be not what he really wanted are actually the things he is enjoying.
And for me
  • he has no smell.. now he doesn't smell bad, it's just a smell, now there is NONE!! that's nice.. :) as I have very sensitive smell as do most raw foodists.
  • I can be really open and honest with him all the time, I do not have to put up a guard or sneak around wondering . 'what's on his mind?'
  • The kids are finding him more fun and approachable
  • I loved the person he was for the last 5days.. it was just fantastic. I felt a real connection and we do get on really well anyway but I loved that he had made a effort to try what makes my life so fantastic.. he was just so happy, energetic, motivated and I could see him gaining clarity on so many levels.. things that has been troubling him for many years where getting sorted out.
  • Lots of little things where getting done around the house.. :)

The negatives have been
  • He is getting a bit sick of the raw treats he used to enjoy so much
  • detox was a bit uncomfortable . but definately worth it!
  • restricted... really missing having more choices and the variety.

Negatives for me
  • I needed more input into the types of meals he wanted, that would have helped to make it much more enjoyable as I have been on raw food for so long that I like very simple things that are not suitable enough when first starting out on a raw diet.
  • The first few days where a little stressful and we tried to sort it all out, he didn't want to complain about anything so he didn't hurt my feelings and I was getting annoyed that he would not put a bit of effort into helping to decide and prepare his meals.. while he was also detoxing!
He said he was a bit worried about how he would feel after the pizza dinner but he drank a lot of water with it and after it and said he felt OK. Oh.. I forgot to mention that he had about 2-3 chocolate cupcakes that I made for me nieces 8th birthday.. :)

love K xxoo

How it going now?

Nearly a week after finishing and he is still doing very well, eating very high raw but enjoying his healthy cooked food. We have had some dinner outings in the last week with family here and good healthy choices have always been made. No alcohol except for last friday night 1/3 bottle beer so that's great. There has been a bit of Chocolate mud cake as we have had 4 birthdays to celebrate in the last week.

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