Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 5 -6 Mind Body & Spirit - 10 days raws

Craig started the day nice and early.. 6am swim down at at Kirra. I got up and made some breaky for him so that it could sun-bake on the deck while Roxi (our dog!) and I went for our Sunday morning walk down along the beach.
I came home to him reading the paper in the sun on the deck with a warm cup of green tea So I set about finishing the breakfast of sunbaked Breakfast Cakes - inspired by Ani Phyo, with strawberry sauce, cashew cream, apricot jam, agave and strawberries with an Orange and Pineapple smoothie. Well there was not a lot of excitement but he did eat it all.. :) Here is a picture of what was on offer before being consumed.

Lunch was left over Pizza.. he saved 2 pieces, thank goodness! Afternoon tea was raw chocolate cake with a Banana Smoothie. He found it all a bit mundane and boring and was continuously asking himself....
"Why am I doing this?" and admitted to me that because I was blogging it he felt compelled to finish. I asked him if he wanted to go out for a cuppa, something we usually really enjoy on the weekends but he kept declining.
In the end I said "come on lets go" and then realised that it was because he would not be able to have his coffee that he thought it would be best to keep away from temptation. I talked him into going and sharing pot of Green tea.
You wouldn't believe it.. it was packed and all he could smell was the fresh coffee others had ordered and the kebabs cooking in the cafe next to us.. all whilst we looked straight into a really nice Sushi restaurant. I felt a little mean but it was a great test for his tolerance and stamina .. a lesson on so many levels. We talked it all through. Lucky we couldn't stay too long as he had to be at the Fire Station by 2.45pm..
For dinner I marinated mushrooms, soaked some Wakame seaweed, and cut up some zucchini, rocket, tomatoes and chili's then dressed it in a really nice Asian inspired Miso sauce. I also slice really finely some raw Atlantic Salmon. (he's taken it out of the freezer for his dinner) and he marinated it in Tamari, onion, chili and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. He loved the Sashimi.. and the Asian Mushroom, Wakame salad was OK.. he said too salty. I hadn't added any salt just the unpasteurised miso & tamari. So that showed that his palette was cleaning up.. a good sign, although Tamari & Miso are fairly salty.
Some raw Chocolate Balls to finish off the evening and Day 5 done and dusted.. except that we were rebels.. we watched Rove until 11pm.. we are usually really boring .. his in bed by 9.30, me by 10!
Mood for the day was fairly sombre.. I think he was feeling deprived. But on the same note mentioned that he thought he would stick to the lighter meals that he was having now just adding some cooked meats like the seafood & occasional chicken and his egg breakfasts on the weekends. He is finding that eating this way all the time is taking the enjoyment out of the raw desserts, treats and breakfasts that he usually loved. :(

Day 6
Another good start to the day with the usual early run and swim at the beach. Usual breakfast of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds & dried fruit made into a bircher type meusli. Mid morning Guacamole & Kitz Crackers and then a Salad for lunch with Notmayo and sprouts. Good strong session at the gym in the afternoon with a Banana & Raw Honey smoothie afterwards. Snacking on fresh fruit, raw cakes & choc balls.
I am having to think of simple meals that are going to be satisfying for someone new to raw so I read through one of my cooked magazines and come up with

Rocket & Macadamia Pesto with Zucchini Pasta, Tomato, Mushroom and homemade Italian Sun dried tomatoes.
I then sat it in the dehydrator for 1hr to warm up. He ate it all so I suppose you've got to take that as a good sign.. :) and the rest of the evening went of without a hitch.. another good day 100%raw!!

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