Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 8 - Mind Body & Spirit 10 days raw

All going great! Beach was a bit windy and the ocean a bit choppy but still managed a swim.
Here is breaky that was waiting for him on his return

Fruit Salad Ambrosia with
Kitz Cinnamon Agave Wanuts

Same ole same ole for morning tea. Left over Couscous Salad for lunch and some new cookies for afters!

Chewy Bircher Cookies

With this horrible dust storm we have got here today he is very busy going to Fire Calls. They say that the fire alarms are probably going to be going off all afternoon! & I hope there are no traffic accidents as visability is poor.. :(
I made a new cake that was inspired by and online blogger, it is an

Almond Vanilla cake with a goldenberry, cherry filling with a Berry Frosting..

The dust storm made day really weird and almost depressing by the late afternoon. But Craig's day was still fairly productive, got a bit done on the business and a few more fire calls. Seems to be fealing great other than that as mood and energy levels are good. Although he did have an afternoon nap.. but then so did I - lets call it a power nap!!

Raw Pizza

for dinner on Kitz Pizza Bases went well followed by some Exotica Mix.. Goji, cashews & cacao nibs! Then later a dandelion tea with some more Berry Nice Cake with Berry Frosting..

PS. I don't know if I mentioned it but after Monday's gym session he said he'd had a great session, felt very strong and uped his weights.. :)

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