Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 7 - Mind Body & Spirit 10 days raw

Normal start to the day.. nice breakfast of
Banana, pear & apricot raw bircher Muesli..

Guacamole and Crackers for morning tea, then a large

Salad with notmayo, almonds and crumbled Kitz 4-Seed crackers,

Raw Banana Cake & choc cake for afternoon tea and a new dinner creation I came up with after perusing another of my cooked foodie mags for inspiration.. ..Curry cauliflower couscous, blended carrot, broccoli & tomato salad with rocket and avocado with an orange vinaigrette dressing

We had a good talk this afternoon and Craig is really feeling great!.. :) He is now finding it a lot easier and can see that there are a lot of things he will continue to do. He really wants to cut right back on bread, feels he will decrease his meat consumption even more and he will not go back to his decaf coffees as he is finding the green tea more enjoyable.
Personally I have noticed that he is a lot more positive and constructive. He is getting a lot of work done for his business .. things that he has talked about doing to years are finally getting done and I can see he is enjoying doing it and feeling great about it! Sami-Jo & I talked about it this morning and she also feels that his temperament is much more relaxed. We can say things to him that we probably would not have before and it's much more fun..
He had a hearing test this afternoon that gave him a bit of a shock.. his hearing is not good. The specialist feels that it is caused from swimming in the cold water each morning. And as getting ear plugs is quite expensive he went a bought a swimming cap to wear.. ( I will sneak down to the beach one morning and get a photo to post, should be hilarious!! lol)
So another day done and dusted on a really positive note.. it's great!.. :)

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