Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chocolate Velvet Torte for my babies 21st

I can't believe it.. my first born has turned 21! What happened, it all just went so fast. The great thing is she just love raw food especially the desserts so I can always have fun making her a raw cake for her birthday. Forgetting that I had an appointment yesterday afternoon I left myself half and hour to make this cake for her, no time to get a recipe so with an idea in my head off I went. And. YEAH! she loved it so much she said it was the best cake she has ever had. She wants me to make another for her dinner party on Friday night.. but I have bigger plans for that. Will post how it goes. :)

This cake has a crust with raw cacao nibs in it giving that rich choc taste with a tiny crunch and a smooth velvety chocolate filling made with avocado then covered with blueberries.

21 today!

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