Monday, August 17, 2009

Rockin Raw Pizza Bases..

Made up some new Pizza bases for Kitz Living Foods as there seems to be a damand for them. I've alway had a great recipe idea in my head but never had the time to get them made up. Now that Sami is helping in the kitchen things are really getting under control, it's fantastic. So last week we had a day where we could experiment so we put on the new Pizza bases.. I'd already decided that they would have to be square as I can make much more per dehydrator tray than if I was to do round ones. It just seems such a waste not to use the whole tray and anyway the customers get more buck for their money.. or mouth, depends how you look at it.
Well , I am about to go to the kitchen to make up the Cheeze and Tomato sauce so that I can get some photo's on here.. :)

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