Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kitz has a new Chocolate Granola

My wonderful daughter Sami-Jo wanted to make up a special treat for herself.. she loves the Simply Granola and also loves chocolate. so that was her inspiration...
"Mum can we make Chocolate Granola.."
"My love, we can do anything we like... " so we did.
It came out so nice that we bagged some up and gave sample bags out to friends to try... it was such a hit that I have added the Granola range for Kitz Living Foods.
This is my Jo.. Sami-Jo

Here's how good it looks with Chocolate nutmilk and strawberries.. this is my husbands breakfast I made for him Friday morning..

I hope people can buy this and get the same enjoyment they thought they where getting from Coco Pops or any of those other overprocessed sugar laden cereals that they try to convince us are not only ok for us but how about them telling us that there actually 'Good for us'.. give me strenght, too many people believe this stuff, it's sad!

I think we are slowly becoming more educated on what's good and what's bad so that is the reason Kitz Living Foods started up. I could not find healthy convenient food anywhere.. this is my answer to that need.. no preservative, additives, processed sugars, chemicals, gluten and wheat free, dairy free, soya free, you name it Free of everything except the goodness of fruits, vegies, nuts, seeds, sea salt, dark agave, herbs & spice.. NOTHING ELSE.. then all nuts and seeds are soaked and sprouted and dehydrated at low temperature to maintain enzymes and valuable nutrition... just as Nature intended..

Much love.. K :)

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