Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Famous Choc Balls

In need of a new commercial food processor so I ordered a Robo Coupe last week.. then the nice lady rang me to tell l me that the rep would be here this week and that because of the complex dishes that I make in it he would he thinks I would be better suited to a Blixer!! yes blender/Mixer!! Well he was here this morning and my husband was in need of a batch of our famous Chocolate Balls.. so we whipped a batch up in a frenzy in the 4kg Blixer.. well I supprised the Rep.. he's never seen one of the machines struggle like it did with this batch of beauties! Anyway we managed to make up a wonderfully smooth fudgy batch. We have rolled most of them into balls but the rest has been spread into a muffin pan to make my Apricot filled chocolate tarts shown at the bottom of the page. So here is the recipe for anyone that does not have a choc ball recipe. This is the quickest, healthiest chocolate recipe around. Great for everyone from chocolate lovers to fussy kids.
The picture shows my impersonation of a Croquenboch-la-choc-balls made for my Mother-in-laws 70th Birthday..


1 cup walnuts or almond
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon raw ground vanilla bean (or equivilant extract)

Ground until fine in a food processor, then slowly add through the shute

2 1/5 cups dates
2 cups dried coconut
4 lg tablespoons raw cacao powder

Keep processing until it start to come together and roll into a ball around the food processor, if it is too dry and starting to heat up the motor add a very small amount of water until it comes together.
Shape into balls and roll in dried coconut. Refridgerate or freeze. We freeze so that they don't get eaten too quickly.. have fun and enjoy.. K :)


  1. Yummo! That looks so fantastic. Have you got your blixer yet? xx

  2. Hey Jen.. :)

    Yes got the blixer.. it's a doozy.. love it. Raw choc fudge in seconds!!