Sunday, January 16, 2011

New me, new blogspot..

I think it's time I put the link to my new blog here..

As off last June I have been eating cooked vegetables, fish, seafood and oats, so I am not 100% raw anymore. It's been a great move for my health, socialization, family and Karma..  adored being raw and found it very easy to do but it was really making me an outsider and the fact was that my health was actually starting to deteriorate.

I'd had an itch for the last 3yrs on my torso that was driving me crazy. My hair was thinning, I was losing muscle tone and strength. The quality of my lean tissue I later found out had become quite poor. Not a good thing when it is so vital to retain it as we age. My hypothyroid had  not corrected itself, my adrenals where drained, my teeth where chipping and cracking, my skin was starting to lose elasticity and I was finding myself completely drained and exhausted by about 3pm each afternoon. I also found myself craving things like a nice piece of salmon. I had never craved any cooked food, meat, seafood or for that matter anything that was not included in a raw vegan diet, but all of a sudden my body was telling me it needed more, so I listened to it and with apprehension make some changes.

The excitement of my husband and children at my decision to change my diet was amazing, they where just so happy and relieved. It really saddened me, I didn't realise how much my restricted eating habits had affected them. Right there and then I felt that was an even better reason to do it.

So here is a link to the new me.. Karenluvslife

I look forward to seeing you at the new location


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