Monday, October 11, 2010


I don't know why I called these Choci-logs because in the end they are not logs are all but I like the name, and anyway half way through the process they are a big log!!
I made the first batch of these for my daughter who was the inspiration behind the Choci-Jo, that's how it got it's name... her name is Sami-Jo!! She is a triathelete so always need healthy nutritious snack to keep up with all the training she does. These are a a great source of Carbohydrates for energy, good fats for metablism and processing nutrients as well as protein for growth and repair that is so essential when you train hard.
With a food processor these only take 5mins to make, they are so quick and easy!



100g Kitz Active Almonds
130g Kitz Choci-Jo granola
60g sultanas
60 dates
40g goji berries
40g raw cacao nibs
60g brown rice protein powder
1 large ripe banana – with black spots on it!!

Place almonds into a food processor and ground to a meal, then add Choci-Jo and process until broken up.
Add sultanas and dates a process until they resemble bread crumbs
Then add remaining ingredients and blend until it sticks together, you don’t want to overdo it as it will just turn into fudge with no crunchy bits from the buckwheat or chewy bits from the fruit!!
Turn out onto a piece of baking paper, cling wrap or a layed out clean plastic bag and shape into a big log.
Roll it up tightly then place in the fridge or freezer to cool for about 4hrs.
When the goji berries are soft you can roll it in desiccated coconut, almonds meal or ground cacao nibs then slice into little rounds.
Store in a container in the fridge or freezer depending on your preference

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