Monday, August 2, 2010

My real world

I've haven't been here for quite a while.. it get kind of hard because I feel that everything I put into this blog should be about Raw!.. I am raw, I love raw, I can't think of any better way to eat. I don't have the think about it. I don't crave anything but fruit, greens and some raw veg. Occasionally I think about seaweed or spirulina. Both are foods that I can eat in a salad and thoroughly enjoy if I am in the mood. Lately that seems to be .. well now that I think of it, kind of never really. When I get it in front of me it just feels like it's going to ruin what I am about to eat. I now love to mono eat my fruits. I never have more that one fruit at a time just because I like it that way and for no other reason. Many will do this for better digestion. My salads are usually no more that 2-4 ingredients and on special occasions I will have more variety. I think mainly so that friends and family don't think I've completly lost it!. ;)
I can remeber when I was a teenager  we would sit around snacking, I would have a bag of red apples or some dates while everyone else wanted chips, chocolate and sweetened drinks, either bought juice or flavoured milk. Even back then they weren't real food to me. My big splurge would be rolled oats, bran buds and wheatgerm mixed with water.. I would make it really mushy and just pig out on it. I loved it!
But that's me, I have a family and they love cooked food. They have no desire to be raw, vegatarian or vegan. Except for my husband who I think could easilly be vegatarian.

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